I have been dealing with art for many years. The beginnings date back to when I was a child and my older brother asked me for help in the photographic darkroom. Red light, the smell of developer and paper submerged in chemicals. These situations triggered such a strong reaction in me that I wanted to continue.

As a ten year old I was flipping through photo magazines admiring images and learning composition but I had to wait a few years to get my first camera.

I returned to photography following my emigration from Poland to Scotland, which allowed me to finally realize myself fully, not only in photography.

I sought out inspiration, attended all kinds of photography courses, and experimented with photography, film and handicraft. At the same time, I tried at all costs to prevent my view of the world from succumbing to trends and repetition. 

I have always treated the creative process and photography itself as an escape from everyday life.

There came a moment in my life when I decided to present my work, and invite you into a journey through my world.

I currently live in Glasgow, where I create and carry out my projects.