I am a dedicated artist with a passion for photography and a profound appreciation for the art of visual storytelling. My artistic journey began in the darkroom, where the play of red light, the scent of developer, and the magic of images emerging on paper captivated my imagination from a young age.
As a child, I pored over photography magazines, studying composition and eagerly awaiting the day I could hold my first camera. That moment arrived a few years later, marking the beginning of my lifelong love affair with photography.
My creative path led me from Poland to the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland, where I found the perfect canvas to express my artistic vision. Over the years, I've continually sought inspiration, honing my craft through photography courses, experimentation with various mediums, and a steadfast commitment to originality.
I have always viewed the creative process and photography as a means of escape, a way to transcend the everyday and offer viewers a glimpse into my world. Now, I invite you to join me on this journey as I share my artistic perspective through my work.
Currently based in Glasgow, I find endless inspiration in this vibrant city and its surroundings, shaping and realizing my artistic projects. Through my lens, I aim to capture the beauty, emotion, and stories that surround us, inviting you to see the world through my eyes.
Thank you for visiting my website and exploring my portfolio. I hope my work resonates with you and offers a unique perspective on the world we share.