Photography and surrealism

Unlocking the secrets of monochrome photography

Embark on a deep exploration of the captivating world- photography and surrealism. This series is not just a collection of photos art, but an artistic journey. He delves into the philosophical depths of contrast and composition.

The Drowned Man

In the realm of surrealism, our photograph titled “The Drowned Man”. I took the photo near the iconic Edinburgh Forth Bridge. It is a testimony to the combination of photography and enigmatic storytelling. As the lens captures the haunting atmosphere, a bridge pillar, shrouded in fog, becomes a focal point. As the tide reveals the seaweed and structural remains, an amazing figure is created. A specter seemingly made of seaweed, lurking among the exposed remains of concrete. This painting encourages contemplation, inviting viewers to reflect. Over the secrets hidden by the bridge and the temporary revelations that the sea brings to us.

The drowned man surreal landscape photography

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Terracotta Army

A departure into the minimalist realm awaits with “Terracotta Army,” a black and white photograph captured on a foggy morning. This composition immerses us in a grayscale serenity where a breakwater emerges from the sea, partially submerged during high tide. In a mesmerizing formation, it mimics soldiers standing stoically at regular intervals. The image provides a poetic glimpse into a landscape where nature and imagination intertwine, conjuring a silent army of guardians amidst the ethereal fog.

Terracotta Army

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Photography, as a medium, has the unique ability to transcend reality, offering a canvas for the imagination to paint stories that go beyond the visible. Surrealism, with its dreamlike and mysterious qualities, finds a natural ally in the monochromatic elegance of black and white photography. Each image in this collection invites viewers to unravel the narratives woven into the fabric of the visual, challenging perceptions and transcending the boundaries of reality.


As we traverse the landscapes of “The Drowned Man” and “Terracotta Army,” we witness the marriage of surreal artistic vision and photographic storytelling. It’s a dialogue between the seen and the unseen, a poetic exploration of realms where reality and imagination dance in monochrome harmony. The journey into black and white elegance is an odyssey through visual poetry, where every frame tells a story that transcends the limitations of color, inviting you to immerse yourself in the profound artistry of the monochrome realm.

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